Promise Ring - Polished Halo
Promise Ring - Polished Halo Promise Ring - Polished Halo

Promise Ring - Polished Halo

Exquisite products of astonishing beauty and superlative design.
  • Elegant hand finished designs
  • Luxury Gift Packaging
  • UK Hallmark and Unique Argentium Flying Unicorn Trade Mark
  • Patented Argentium Silver
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30 Days Return Policy

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This stylish, diamond cut ring - suitable for both men and women -  is hand-crafted in 96% silver - the highest purity silver on the market. 

We designed it with softened edges and gentle curves to afford the wearer both comfort and style.

But its elegant appearance alone does not get to the heart of why this ring deserves your attention: it has unique qualities of beauty and excellence contained just under the skin. 

We used unique Argentium Sterling Silver to create this ring.  This point is worth considering. 

What is Argentium Sterling Silver? Argentium Sterling Silver is Sterling Silver on steroids!

How often have you bought silver in a rush of enthusiasm and become disappointed by the rapid deterioration of its appearance?

Silver tarnishes. Silver is soft and dents and scratches easily. 

As the purest silver on the market, Argentium Sterling Silver provides the following remarkable benefits:
  • Tarnish resistance - you will no longer feel embarrassed by a lustrous gift that turns black. This ring retains its lustre, beauty and shine without the constant need to polish it
  • Dent and scratch resistance -  traditional Sterling Silver is softer and vulnerable to scratch marks. Your ring will maintain its beautiful appearance long after you buy it.
  • Argentium Sterling Silver is 96% silver - people are surprised to learn that traditional Sterling Silver is only 92.5% silver. This promise ring reflects your absolute purity of intention.  
  • Hypoallergenic - strictly no nickel used in its manufacture. We have stories of adults and children who were allergic just in the mere presence of silver who wear our creations safely. You can now give a gift, knowing it will be welcomed.
  • Whiter and more lustrous - Argentium Sterling Silver has the gloriously lustrous and pure white appearance of platinum. It has a brighter gleam than traditional Sterling Silver.
  • Absolutely no plating - Argentium - unlike traditional Sterling Silver - is unique because it does not scar (fire scale) during manufacture. This means our pure silver designs are not plated to conceal blemishes.  
  • Silver from certified recycled source - additionally, because Argentium does not scar during manufacture, we do not need to use environmentally hazardous acids and chemicals to remove fire scarring.  
  • Lifetime Guarantee - We are confident of the quality of our products, and if damaged under normal use (please refer to care booklet provided), we provide a full-refund.

Does this all sound two good to be true? Then listen to the promise of the Queen!

A Queen and two mythical creatures accompany this promise ring, guaranteeing our promise to you. The ring carries three hallmarks, certifying its purity and quality: the image of a leopard which is the Sterling Silver Hallmark for the London Assay Office; the rare and famous Britannia hallmark: Britannia sitting on a throne, certifying that the ring contains 96% silver; and the unique Argentium Winged Unicorn Trademark,

So, when your loved one opens the  beautifully presented luxury gift packaging and removes this extraordinary silver ring and holds it between their fingers, they will immediately see its beauty and elegance.

They will immediately sense  and feel the beauty, assurance and quality.

They will examine with growing pride the finely lasered hallmarks on the inside band, and then they will slip it on, carrying on their body an unforgettable, pure symbol of your love and promise to them. 

If you receive the ring and feel it is not as beautiful as described, please return it to us within thirty days for a no questions asked immediate full-refund (refund does not include postage charges).

We, generally, sell to shops, but we have set aside a limited quantity for private retail buyers. Please order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

We are delighted to provide with each ring a free patented care cloth, specially designed to provide an effortless and fuss-free occasional clean and sold in shops for £10. 

Additionally, if you buy this ring today, we are delighted to offer you  a 30% discount code: DISALLSILVERPROMISE30% 

Don't delay because I can't promise this offer will be here tomorrow.

Choose your size and preferred width above.*


*Women usually choose 3-4mm width, and men, 5-6mm. The image shown here is the 6mm option. 


Find out more about Argentium from Peter Johns, the creator of Argentium Sterling Silver: